We offer a range of clinical treatments without the wait for an appointment to see your GP.

We are a family run business which started in Pontypool in 1972. We guarantee the highest possible service to our patients and endeavour to provide essential and enhanced services to the area of Grangetown, Llandaff, Taffs Well, Whitchurch, Cardiff & Pontnewynydd (Pontypool).

We are an independent pharmacy that provides many NHS and private services at our branch. We are also a pharmaceutical wholesaler involved in transfer of human medicines in the UK.

We’re here for you, to take the hassle out of healthcare

Quicker Appointments

Cut the queue for every day clinical treatments. Head straight to your local Health Plus Pharmacy in Grangetown, Llandaff, Taffs Well, Whitchurch, Cardiff and Pontypool. Cut assessment and treatment times with our convenient online booking form.

Wide Range of Services

Private & free NHS hay fever treatments, common ailments NHS scheme, sore throat test & treat schemetravel vaccinations, prescription medication to help reduce alcohol consumption and new weight loss and migraine treatments not yet available on the NHS. You’ll be amazed just how much we are qualified to do.


Our clinical services

Topical gel treatments

Revitalise & renewal treatments

Once daily oral treatment


Test and multiple treatment options

Free blood pressure check by a trained pharmacist

Free treatments for 27 common ailments

Ear Syringe Service

Removing earwax by pushing water through the ear canal to flush out the wax

Multiple oral treatments



Private treatment and free NHS treatments

Alcohol reduction, smoking cessation, weight loss…

Travel vaccination

Travel vaccination



Men’s Health Clinic

Erectile dysfunction, weight loss, hair loss...

Travel vaccinations for Hajj/Umrah pilgrims and students

Vaccinations for students

Multiple oral treatments or injection

Free, confidential service for people who inject drugs

Travel vaccination

We can order, collect and deliver your prescription free of charge

Seasonal Health Clinic

Strep A, flu antiviral treatment…

Sexual Health Clinic

Erectile dysfunction, Morning after pill, HIV testing...


Skincare Clinic

Dermatitis, psoriasis, fungal infection

Multiple oral treatments

Quick and pain free throat swab test and oral treatment

Stoma & Incontinence Supplies

We supply a range of Disability and Incontinence aids including custom equipment

Travel vaccinations, malaria tablets, advice & travel essentials

Travel vaccination

Chicken pox, HPV, shingles, hep B…

Vitamin B-12 Therapy 

Vitamin therapy

Vitamin C Therapy

Vitamin therapy

Weight loss management

Contraception, period delay, urinary tract infection...

Travel vaccination