All the healthcare advice a woman needs

HPV, period delay, UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections), contraception and a whole host of other clinical areas. Health Plus Pharmacy’s women’s health clinic covers a huge variety of issues.

When you next need to talk to a healthcare professional about women’s health matters, you don’t need to wait for a GP. Your local Heath Plus Pharmacists run a comprehensive women’s health service, supporting you in getting expert advice, and prescription-only treatments conveniently and accessibly from your local pharmacist.

Expert advice

Your Health Plus Pharmacist is a highly trained healthcare professional who can provide expert, confidential advice on common health problems and the best medicines to treat them.

Please remember that this medicine is only for you, it may not be right for anybody else even if they have similar symptoms. You will also receive advice on how to take the medicine and other ways to help manage your ailments and illness. The pharmacist may suggest that you see a GP if you need a medicine that is only available on a doctor’s prescription.

Private consultation

We appreciate that some topics maybe very sensitive. Vaginal thrush, facial hair removal, haemorrhoids are common issues experienced by many women, and issues that are hard to talk about. So rest assured that all consultations are carried out in a private room, with our friendly clinicians offering discreet advice and prescription treatments available.

Take advantage of the free Common Ailments NHS Scheme

You can now get free medicines for 27 common ailments, including - Athletes foot, back pain, cold sores, conjunctivitis, constipation, diarrhoea, dry skin/dermatitis, haemorrhoids, hay fever, indigestion and reflux, in-growing toenails, sore throat and tonsillitis, warts and verrucae amongst others via the free common ailments NHS scheme in Cardiff & Pontypool. Our highly trained pharmacists have been empowered to provide free advice and free medicines that are saving patients time and money as well as taking pressure off overworked GPs.

Simply phone your local Health Plus Pharmacist in Cardiff or Pontypool and arrange a review with a prescriber who will be able to advise and dispense the most appropriate medication for your ailment.

Services we offer

Acid reflux

Alcohol reduction

Back pain




Ear infection

Facial hair removal


HPV vaccine


Morning after pill


Nausea and sickness

Oral contraception

Period delay

Period pain


Smoking cessation

Sore throat and tonsillitis

Vaginal thrush

Warts and verrucae

Weight loss