Protecting everybody

You don’t need to wait for a GP to get a jab. Your local Health Plus Pharmacists is trained, qualified and authorised to administer all vaccines. Whether you missed out on childhood vaccinations or you need a Hepatitis B jab for your new job, Health Plus Pharmacy is here to help.

Vaccinations are a quick, effective and safe way to protect yourself against diseases that can damage your health.

As well as protecting yourself, vaccines also prevent you from passing a disease on to other people, limiting the spread of the disease and protecting the community.

Protect yourself when travelling abroad

We offer comprehensive travel vaccinations, which is suitable for adults and children aged two and over. You should arrange to see a travel nurse at least six to eight weeks before you are planning to leave the UK, as some vaccinations require more than one injection, over the course of several weeks. Your travel nurse can advise you on which vaccines you need.

Seasonal protection

Our seasonal vaccination offering protects you and provides a vital lifeline for you to enjoy your life as normal. From flu jabs to hay fever and pneumococcal vaccinations, you can find your local Health Plus Pharmacy is here to keep you healthy all year round.

Further protecting from other infections and viruses

We also offer other vaccinations to protect you, your family, friends, and community from other infections and viruses like chickenpox, HPV, meningitis B, shingles and tuberculosis.

Health Plus Pharmacy make vaccinations convenient and accessible for all the community in Cardiff and Pontypool. Book an appointment with your local Health Plus Pharmacist to keep you safe.